Thursday, August 28, 2014

Corn Harvest 2014 & a few other things

It felt so good to be able to take photographs yesterday of my family farming!  It brings me joy and I didn't realize how much I have missed it.  I wish I would have recorded Milton's conversation with our daughter today.  He was teaching her about the header, and how it picks the corn, and how there are different headers.  She is six and I think she is starting to remember things from one harvest to another.  She mentioned today, "Dad, do you remember when we saw a bunny in the field (while they were cutting another year)?"  I know that isn't much to others, but that's what family memories are made of, and it makes my heart swell!

Before harvesting today, Milton decided to update a few things on the corn header.

Here he is putting new gathering chain on the header. He will put the rest on today as we received rain this morning.  

Milton's view for the day!

Heading to unload!


Yesterday morning,  PV and I cleaned the chicken coop, I think the chirps were pleasantly surprised when they got to get back in to lay their eggs!  When we were gathering the hay for the coop, Charlie was with us.  I got this photo of them! I love it!  She really has taken to this pup!  I'm glad she has a friend here at the farm!

Today she started first grade so I am home alone attempting to get a routine going.  The past month has been a roller coaster so perhaps I can catch up on some things.  I do miss her already though, and she has only be gone for about 30 minutes!  :)  She was VERY excited to start school though, which I am very thankful for!

I hope your summer is winding down in a good way.  Our Fall harvest will include harvesting corn, milo, and soybeans.  It is spread across a few months, so you will be hearing about the different harvests here and there!

Thanks for stopping by!